Steel rule dies and related products are custom made to order. 


To get a quick quote, you have two simple options, you can give us a call for a verbal quote, or shoot us an e-mail with an attached file. 


Pricing will vary greatly due to numerous factors; the amount of, and what type of rule and punches in the die, the time it takes our laser tech to burn the board, the amount of time required to bend the rule, put the die together, and rubber, and so on.


Don't get me wrong, we enjoy every minute of what we do, but please take this into consideration and be patient with service; we want to ensure everything about the die goes above and beyond your expectations, and given the complexity of some jobs, this inevitably takes time.


Accuracy takes priority over punctuality, every time. 

Accurate Die Specialists is a steel rule die company founded and currently located in Minnesota.